Random At Heart: The Truth Behind Slot Games

Many people enjoy taking a spin on a slot game, all with the same hope of one day scooping a mega jackpot! Of course, scooping a jackpot is easier said than done, and it can often feel as though you’re only a few spins away from winning big. The problem is, slot games make their money by keeping players hanging on for the next spin and the reality is that the next is never more likely to lead to success than the previous.

Here, we’re going to take a look at the random aspects of slot games in the hopes of giving you a better understanding of how the games function.

Are Slots Random?

When you take a spin on a slot game, such as any of those games available here, you’ll find that you’re placing a bet and letting the machine do all of the work. Depending on how your game plays out, you’re either going to win or lose (the latter being more likely!).  It can be natural to feel that a machine is playing along to a certain narrative, but you need to remember that every game is random and while you might be on a ‘lucky streak’ this isn’t true.

It’s entirely possible to lose at any time, as every single draw on these online slot games is random. They use a RNG which works based on the RTP that is set by the people who created the game. It’s really important that you understand that the random aspects of the game means that your slot is never due a big payout and chasing a win is never a good idea.

What Is A RNG?

Random number generators are at the heart of slot games as they are what makes sure that the games are totally random, put simply, they decide the outcome of each spin. This ensures that games are totally unpredictable.

If you play slot games, then it’s important that you take every game separately and make sure that you don’t base your next bet on the results of the previous. For example, just because you’ve lost 5 times in a row doesn’t mean that your lucky spin is just around the corner. These numbers are entirely random thanks to the RNG used and so you could essentially keep losing for a long time or win big at any given moment.

Final Verdict

Random number generators are a huge part of online slot games and those that you’ll find in casinos. While it may seem like someone who plays a slot right after you has won big because of the cash you put in – this is not true at all. Each individual win is decided randomly by a computer and the developers of a game don’t have much control over this once they’ve decided the RTP percentage.

In conclusion: when playing slot games,  keep in mind that the outcome of any spin is never predictable due to the role of a random number generator. The control you have is limited only to deciding upon the size of your wager. It is however worth noting that by checking the RTP percentage of a game, you can avoid playing games where you’re particularly unlikely to win.