Online Casino Guide

Many more people are opting to spend their time and money at an online casino instead of a land based one and for good reason. Online casinos attract players from around the world, have great promotions and offer lucrative bonuses to new members. However, because internet scammers and hacks are very real, it is important to know where it is safe to play and where it isn’t.

This online casino guide will give you a good look into the online gambling world. You will be able to find casino reviews and casino bonus information. After you spend time at this website, you’ll have a pretty good grasp of what to expect and what you should be looking for in a casino. This information will give you what you need to be smart and savvy when it comes to online gambling. You’ll learn what you need here so that you decrease your chances of being taken for a ride in the sometimes harsh world of internet gambling. Lets start with a basic information about few of the most popular casino games.

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Blackjack is a card game in which the player has to achieve a total card value of 21 or a hand value closer to 21 than that of dealer, without exceeding 21. Each player will receive two cards on the blackjack table. Players can receive more cards with certain options. Before any player hand is dealt, the player has to bet. Player can place his bet in the specified space on his table position.

The player has many options while playing blackjack. The basic blackjack rules for the player hand are as follows:

Hit – The player can choose another card with hit option.

Stand – If the players don’t want to receive more cards and the hand is finalized, player can choose stand option.

Double Down – It allows the player to double the wager and receive one extra card to the hand.

Split – It offers the chance to win the same game twice. When a player is dealing with an identical pair of cards, he will get the chance to split the hand into two separate hands. A player can split up to 3 times.

Insurance – If the dealer turns an ace up card, player can opt insurance. The insurance bet should not exceed one-half of original bet.

Surrender The player has the option to surrender by forfeiting half of his original bet. The player can choose two options – early surrender or late surrender. In an early surrender, the player surrender before the dealer checks the hand. In a late surrender, the dealer first checks the player has any blackjack and then permits surrender.

In a blackjack game, the dealer plays after all player hand is played. The dealer can draw cards until he gets 17 or more. When the dealer achieves a total of 17, dealer can choose stand option. Winning and losing is finalized only after the dealer finishes his hand. All the winning bets are paid off by the dealer.


Roulette is a head-to-head game played on a wheel. Each spin of wheel refers to game in Roulette. Generally six to eight players can play in roulette games and the players are play and bet against the house. In a roulette game, the dealer or croupier spins the wheel and controls the course of the game. Each player can place his bet on labeled box or on a line on the table. The dealer pays the winning bets and collects the losing bets.

Generally there are two kinds of roulette betting – inside bets and outside bets. Placing bets on any line inside the table constitutes an inside bet. The basic inside betting rules are the following:

Straight Up Bet – It is the simplest type of inside betting. In this, the player can bet on any single number by placing the chip on the number.

Split Bet – In this you can wager any two numbers that lie next to each other. You can place chips on the line that separate the two numbers.

Street Bet or Trio Bet – This bet can be placed on three adjoining numbers in a row.

Corner Bet – In this you can place the chips at the intersection of four adjoining numbers.

Six Line Bet or Line Bet – In line bet you can bet on six numbers, residing in two adjoining rows.

In an outside bet you can place bet outside the table layout. The basic outside betting rule are as follows:

Red or Black Bet To play this bet you have to place the chip on the red or black area. You will win if the ball lands on the number of your selected color.

Odd or Even Bet – You can bet on odd numbers and even numbers.

Column Bet – You can bet on a particular vertical column on the table.

Dozen Bet – In this bet you can bet on any of the three dozen set of numbers (low, middle or high dozen numbers).


Baccarat is a card game played with six or eight deck of cards dealt from a shoe. American Baccarat is the most played baccarat casino game. In this game each player gets a turn to hold the shoe. The house dealer deal two hands, the banker hand and the player hand. Prior to hands dealt, bets can be placed on banker hand or player hand or on a tie. The game starts with dealing two cards each by player and the banker. After the two cards are dealt, at third card is dealt by player or banker depending on some rules.

In Baccarat, the value of a hand is determined by totaling the value of individual cards. There are specific rules for player and banker hands. If the player hands card value is total 6 or more, the player can dealt without drawing card. If the player hands value is 5 or less, the player must draw an extra card. Banker need not have to draw an additional card if his total card value is total 7 or more. All player bets can be paid off if the banker hand is less than the player hand. Else all banker bets are paid off.

The betting can be made on the hand with the highest total. The highest total of any player or banker hand can have is nine. If any initial hand values total 8 or 9, it is called natural and the game ends. It both player and banker gets similar values, the game is a tie. You can bet on either on players hand or banker hand. If the player hand wins you will get the money and need not have to pay any commission. If banker hand wins, you have to pay 5% commission on winnings. In a tie condition, player and banker bets are returned.