How to Become a Winner at Online Poker

Poker is one of the most popular forms of online gaming, but also one of the most challenging. Since the poker boom in the early mid 2000’s, millions of players have turned their attention to online poker.  This has meant there’s a lot of money to be won through cash games or tournaments. We’ll take a look at a few things you can do to become a winner at online poker.

Poker Training

It’s amazing how many things you can get training for these days isn’t it? Poker is not different and if you want to win and surpass rivals, you should consider poker training. There’s lots of different training methods around to help one develop their technical skill. You’ll need to put in hard work and time but if you find the right trainers, you can do very well. Texas Hold’em Questions specialise in texas holdem poker training for low to mid stakes players. Think of it as a shortcut to getting better. Instead of spending years developing, you can do so in months with a poker coach.

Play on the Soft Sites

Not all the sites are filled with professional poker players. Search for some of the smaller poker sites and play with weaker players. There are many sports betting sites that also offer poker now. These sites are filled with new players who barely know the rules. They make four common mistakes:

  1. Overplaying any hand that contains an ace
  2. Unable to fold medium strength hands post-flop
  3. No awareness of hand rankings
  4. No clue on poker maths

You win at poker by playing against inferior players so take your time picking where you play. If you stick to the soft sites, you should win well.

Learn to Play a LAG Style

The LAG or loose aggressive poker style is one which involves playing more hands and playing them assertively. LAG poker is probably the most profitable style to employ nowadays, if executed well. You need to balance your aggression though, be mentally tough and understand opening ranges properly. You also need to learn when it’s right to re-raise and when it’s not. This is tough for a new player but can be taught, through experience or poker training. If you play loose aggressive in the tight games online, you’ll have a good chance of winning.


Online poker is beatable but you need to balance your playing style with the opposition calibre. You can save time by investing in poker training or be prepared to commit countless hours learning different scenarios. Either way, like most things, you need to put in hard work and dedication to be successful.